World Environment Day 2015
03 June 2015

CCR Romania involvement on World Environment Day, 5th June 2015

On the occasion of World Environment Day, CCR Romania will organize together with its partners, the County School Inspectorate, Local Authorities, collection activities (WEEE and used batteries) and awareness campaigns in the following Romanian counties:

  • Satu Mare – Awards in the projects "We play and recycle", in which 37 kindergartens were involved, and "Life for Environment - Life for man" program involving 36 schools
  • Cluj - Awards in the project "Wonder Battery!" held in Avram Iancu High School Cluj
  • Mures – Awards in the project "Waste Olympics" organized in 30 kindergartens and 18 schools in Târgu Mureș City
  • Bacau – Awarding the EcoWhipster 2015 Prizes under the project "Recycle and Win!" held in the Moineşti City.


Together for a clean environment!


CCR Romania Team