Operational processes


Reporting Process

The participants to the CCR REBAT system report monthly (quarterly or yearly respectively) the number of batteries put on the market according to G.D. 1399/2009

• their products / imported 

• type of batteries 
• battery systems 

Based on the registered data, the settlement with the system participants takes place. The amounts from all system participants are reported to environmental authorities ( National Environmental Protection Agency) until February 28 for the previous year reporting.

Collection and recovery process

CCR REBAT provides, free of charge, to manufacturers suitable systems with adequate containers for the collection of used batteries. As soon as these containers are full, the collection service can be requested by contacting CCR REBAT, the service is free. 

The collected containers are compacted in the CCR REBAT network until a sufficient amount is collected for recycling. The transport from the intermediate warehouses to the recycling plant is organized according to various criteria, such as proximity (distance optimization), safety, capacity and efficiency.