Battery or accumulator - any source of electrical energy generated by direct conversion of chemical energy and consisting of one or more primary battery cells (non-rechargeable) or consisting of one or more secondary battery cells (rechargeable);

A battery pack - any set of batteries or accumulators that are connected together and/or encapsulated within an outer casing so as to form a complete unit that the end-user is not intended to split up or open;

Portable battery or accumulator - means any battery, button cell, battery pack or accumulator that:

(a) is sealed; and

(b) can be hand-carried; and

(c) is neither an industrial battery or accumulator nor an automotive battery or accumulator;

 Button cell- any small round portable battery or accumulator whose diameter is greater than its height and which is used for special purposes such as hearing aids, watches, small portable equipment and back-up power;

Automotive battery or accumulator - any battery or accumulator used for automotive starter, lighting or ignition power;


Industrial battery or accumulator - any battery or accumulator designed for exclusively industrial or professional uses or used in any type of electric vehicle;

Waste battery or accumulator - any battery or accumulator which is waste within the meaning of Article 1(1)(a) of Directive 2006/12/EC;

Recycling - means the reprocessing in a production process of waste materials for their original purpose or for other purposes, but excluding energy recovery;

Disposal - means any of the applicable operations provided for in Annex IIA to Directive 2006/12/EC;

Treatment - means any activity carried out on waste batteries and accumulators after they have been handed over to a facility for sorting, preparation for recycling or preparation for disposal;

Producer - means any person in a Member State that, irrespective of the selling technique used, including by means of distance communication as defined in Directive 97/7/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 May 1997 on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts [17], places batteries or accumulators, including those incorporated into appliances or vehicles, on the market for the first time within the territory of that Member State on a professional basis;

Distributor - means any person that provides batteries and accumulators on a professional basis to an end-user;

Placing on the market - means supplying or making available, whether in return for payment or free of charge, to a third party within the Community and includes import into the customs territory of the Community;

Economic operators - means any producer, distributor, collector, recycler or other treatment operator;

End user - any private entity, self-employed person or legal entity who buys or obtains portable batteries or accumulators, automotive batteries or accumulators, industrial batteries or accumulators in the purpose of using them and not trading them;

"Deposit" scheme - a scheme by which the buyer, upon buying a battery and/or an accumulator for their cars, pays to the seller an amount of money which is given back when the worn battery/accumulator still having the electrolyte is returned to the legal entities which sell automotive batteries and/or accumulators.