Frequently asked questions

What tasks does CCR REBAT take over?

The CCR REBAT battery recovery system takes over the main obligations provided by the law, achieving annual collection and recycling waste batteries and accumulators, concerning manufacturers and importers, in accordance with Goverment Decision no. 1132/2008, and ensure compliance with all provisions of the laws of Romania and the provisions of relevant European legislation.

These include:

• Advising producers to record in the Register of batteries producers ,
• Organization waste management of batteries & accumulators,
• Provide appropriate containers for battery collection,
• Collection, sorting, recovery of that waste disposal,
• Organization of consumer information campaigns,
• Annual reporting to the competent authorities - National Agency for Environmental Protection

What kind of batteries are subject to reporting obligations?

All batteries that are produced / imported for the first time in Romania. Produced and exported batteries are subject to reporting requirements.

What obligations do battery sellers have?

Every company selling device batteries have the obligation to take back the used batteries at the point of sale or in the immediate vicinity thereof. The obligation to take back used batteries applies regadless of the type of batteries returnd by the consumers.  

What obligations are there for mail-orders?

As any trading company or seller, mail order trading companies are also bound to take back batteries returned by customers and to inform customers to this end. 

Any company sending batteries via mail order to end users, will include the following information in the presentation media accompanying the dispatched goods: 

   • The fact that the batteries can be returned for free to the seller after use,  
   • The fact that the end user is bound by law to return used batteries and  
   • The significance of the crossed-out trash bin.  

In addition, the mail order trading company is bound to receive used batteries at the point of sale or in the immediate proximity thereof, for free.  In this case, the warehouses are considered to be the point of sale.