FAQ End user

What is CCR REBAT?

CCR REBAT is a waste management system of batteries & accumulators ( ensure proper collection and recycling of these wastes), which was founded in 1998 in Germany and in Romania in 2010, when the regulation concerning batteries was introduced. Since then, CCR has been collecting spent batteries from 13 EU countries and thus making a major contribution to the protection of our environment.

How does CCR REBAT work?

The battery manufacturers / importers affiliated to the CCR REBAT system pay a fee for every battery sold in Romania. This fee helps financing the collection and recycle/disposal of spent batteries, so that the end user can return batteries for free.  

Where spent batteries and accumulators can be returned?

Spent batteries and accumulators can be returned for free in all stores where they are sold. 

Where can I return my car battery?

Car batteries, e.g. for motor vehicles, can and must be returned to the sales location from where they were purchased. The seller must return the batteries to the recycling system.

The seller is bound to apply a guarantee of 10% from the sales price when selling a car battery. Upon return of the used battery, the store returns this guarantee.

What happens with the batteries after I throw them into the collection bin?

After the batteries are collected by CCR REBAT, they are picked-up and transported to special recycling/disposal centres. Here the batteries are sorted according to the chemical system and recycled overed. During the recycling process, the individual components are separated by types of metal and returned to the metal processing industry. The following metals are included in batteries and will be recycled: 

  • zinc
  • manganese
  • iron
  • nickel